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About Padel

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world: it is currently played by 15 million people in 50 countries and is rapidly spreading everywhere. Padel combines the best elements of all racket sports. That is why it is a really fun and social sport for all ages. Padel is an addictive sport, many describe it as squash under the sun or tennis with walls. Whatever it is called, it is extremely popular everywhere.

Padel was invented in Mexico in 1969 by a Mexican gentleman named Enrique Corcuera, after combining certain elements of a squash court and a tennis court in his house in Acapulco. Enrique originally wanted to build a tennis court, but he had to realize that he didn't have enough space. So he made it smaller and built walls around it. He called this game 'Paddle Corcuera'. The rest are legends! 

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