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It combines the best elements of tennis and wallball. Pairs play against each other on a 10x20 meter "mini tennis court" with rackets and balls specially developed for the sport. The padel racket is much lighter than the tennis racket, and the game can be controlled more easily with it. It is surrounded by a glass wall and a fence, and the two halves of the court are separated by a net, just like in tennis. The rules of the game are the same as those of tennis, with the addition that the side and back walls can be included in the game, and the ball bouncing off the wall also has a role in the game. Follow us and get to know this super sport!



  • Padel is played in pairs, according to the scoring and rules of tennis

  • The walls surrounding the court can also be used to get the ball to the far side of the court - similarly to squash

  • The ball can bounce once

  • The ball must bounce before hitting any part of the court

  • The ball can hit a wall after a bounce (only the wall, not the grid)

  • Really long ball runs and funny moments are provided by exits in line with the net, which players can use to return a ball that goes out of bounds but is still valid

  • After the bounce, the ball can go out of bounds and be hit from out of bounds (yes, you have to be very quick to do this!)

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